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  1. Anne Cooper says:

    Are you in London and free on Monday 17th which is tomorrow – Anchor House a homeless charity based in Canning Town (most deprived ward) in LB Newham (3rd most deprived borough in England & Wales) is holding the official launch of its £9.3 million Home and Hope appeal at the Inner Temple from 6.30pm – Anchor House commissioned a Social Return on Investment report by Oxford Economics last year and published this year and the report demonstrated Anchor House provides £3.98 pence return for every £1.00 invested by having developed an innavotive unqiue approach to homeless ness – homelessness is really about the people who were failed by the system – coming from single parent homes – domestic abuse – lack of achievement at school – failing to get a job through lack of skills – substance abuse – mental health issues and crime. We tackle all these issue and we help to turn people’s lives around. During 2010 58 single homeless residents moved on into independent living / 31 secured jobs / over 95% of 189 residents were engaged in positive transitional activities. We offer rehabilitation / volunteering / back to work and resettlement. Our method works and we are saving society a lot of money by not having people turn back to rough sleeping, begging, crime and drugs and alcohol abuse etc. We have an award winning nationally acclaimed service provision model our Aspirations Programme. We won 4 national training awards in 2010 from the UK Skills Council and our Head of Education and Employment was named UK Trainer of the Year. Over 1000 local people access a wide range of accredited vocational courses through our in-house providers and people study either via e-learning (on line education) or practical courses in construction.

    If you are free and want to hear more about our solution based programmes to alleviate homelessness and worklessness (often 2nd generation) in an area with acute levels of homelessness and unemployment you are very welcome to be our guest tomorrow

    My work email is mobile 07771813216

    I am going to invite you to be connected via linked In

    Anne Cooper (Lib Dem!!!!!!!)

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