In Praise of the Daily Telegraph: Finding strengths in Danny Alexander

The Daily Telegraph write Is power without popularity the best David Cameron can hope for? in which it comments on Danny Alexander and what those on the right of the political spectrum consider to be his strengths. Not necessarily what those on the left would believe to be strengths but praise for him nonetheless:

Over the past year, Danny Alexander has become the Tories’ favourite Liberal. As Chief Secretary to the Treasury, he ranks low in the Cabinet hierarchy, but few ministers are more important, few posts more demanding… At the outset, when he replaced David Laws, who had City experience, there were widespread worries as to whether he would be up to it. That now seems like ancient history. He has proved himself in combat. Whatever the Coalition’s fate, most Tories would like to keep Danny Alexander and yesterday he received the ultimate accolade. Norman Tebbit called him “remarkably sound”.

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3 Responses to In Praise of the Daily Telegraph: Finding strengths in Danny Alexander

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  2. treborc says:

    Another who must look to see if after 2015 he still has a seat it must be worrying for them Cleggie I suspect will be offered a seat in the house of Lords, or dropped like a stone

    • Hi Treborc, thanks for the comments. These are turbulent times and we shall see the fate of Clegg and Alexander all too soon…

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