In Praise of The Guardian: Finding stengths in the Lib Dems

The Guardian writes Making the Tories a bit less nasty won’t save Clegg’s skin which highlights some strengths for the Lib Dems which is interesting in tat it shows the strategy the Lib Dems took a while ago is paying off

The negotiations in recent weeks over Andrew Lansley’s botched NHS reforms have shown that not only are the Lib Dems finally conducting themselves as an independent party but that it is succeeding. That is a message not just coming from inside Clegg’s camp. Cameron’s strategy chief, Andrew Cooper, was, I am told, telling his boss to give the Lib Dems whatever they wanted on the issue. The Lansley reforms were risking the so-called detoxification of the Tory brand, Cooper told ministers.

In Praise of the FT: finding strengths in the Lib Dems

A solution focused approach seeks to find what is working at the moment and to amplify this. Here the Financial Times writes about the Lib Dems which is worth repeating:

Yet despite the lack of polling lustre, it is a successful project the Lib Dems are participating in. Forging a coalition to deal with the country’s challenges was the responsible thing to do. Making two parties work together better than Labour did on its own is a big achievement. The record on several fundamental Lib Dem causes, such as civil liberties and engagement with Europe, is impeccable. The Lib Dems are not, however, getting credit for this.


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