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Solution focused thinking originated from its founders Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg in Milwaukee and now occurs in an increasingly wide range of individual and group contexts. An overview of the origins of the approach can be read here or here and information on the practice of the solution focused approach can be found here.  The approach has also been applied to politics in many different countries however little information can be found about this and so few can learn from it. This blog seeks to outline how solution focused approaches have been applied to political issues as well as giving a solution focused outlook to political issues and debates.

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This site hopes to show that solution focused approaches can be applied, and indeed already is being applied to politics and hopes to offer what has been, and what could be done, as a result. It looks to do something different in politics rather than make policy from an ideological viewpoint, a party political viewpoint or an identity standpoint and it seeks to do something different from the problem-focused politics which dominates our political system and process.

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