Solution Focused Politics Top 10 Posts – Year 2

Solution Focused Politics celebrated its second year last week and below are the top 10 posts in the last year. You can see the Top 10 of the first year here.
  1. Self-esteem is killing our country, time to end policies which promote it
  2. Do negative campaign ads work?
  3. Personality characteristics of ‘successful’ politicians
  4. A dangerous developing Tory narrative designed to make Lib Dems extinct: Lib Dems need to be aware and take action
  5. Schools kill creativity: A liberal education should prioritise it
  6. Improving local campaigning: Does canvassing increase voter turnout?
  7. Realistic predictions for Lib Dem performance for 2015 General Election
  8. Now people don’t even want to stand for the Lib Dems in elections! What we need to do to reverse this worrying trend
  9. Some data for anyone interested in this ridiculous story about a massive drop in student applications
  10. Building a successful political narrative
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