In Praise of the Independent: Finding strengths in Nick Clegg

The Independent write At last, a politician fluent in European in which they offer some praise for Nick Clegg which is worth reading:

But the Deputy Prime Minister had one of his finest hours when he went to Berlin to speak on Europe and then presented the same case – for the benefits of the European Union and why Britain had to play a full part in it… Nick Clegg has the knowledge, the experience and the vocabulary to speak not just with conviction and sympathy, but in a way that can be readily understood. This makes him almost unique: a senior British politician capable of making a compelling case for Europe. As Tory Eurosceptics sense the wind in their sails, he should do this more often. Nick Clegg may just have found his role.

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2 Responses to In Praise of the Independent: Finding strengths in Nick Clegg

  1. andyj says:

    ..if Clegg says something people expect the opposite.. no one trusts this lying two-faced Judas.. Clegg will cling to the coalition as once it is over he is finished.. then it’s jobs for the boys..

    • Tony Jeacock says:

      Change the record Andy, this one is pretty boring by now. Remember this, “Minds are like parachutes – they only work when they are open”.

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