Mr Lammy and the right wing Labour Party show their true colours are Tory blue when it comes down to it

David Lammy just goes to show that there are many in the Labour party who are about as far right wing as many in the Tory party. Him linking the riots to smacking children are not only ridiculous but dangerous and give him another chance to bash social workers as they make the poor working class live ‘in fear of social services turning up on their doorstep‘. The BB2 documentary ‘Protecting Our Children‘ (on last night) demonstrates the issues when it comes to marks on children.

I’m not sure how simple he wants the law to be but it is about as simple as it gets at the moment – you are not allowed to smack your children and leave a mark. There is no evidence that smacking improves behaviour in children. No evidence that smacking instils a sense of discipline or moral decision making in children. No evidence that it is an effective parenting technique.

It comes down to a matter of values. He has made a link between being a champion for the working class and a champion for physical chastisement like they are interlinked. They are not. Most working class people do not smack their children and do not feel the need to. Most working class children did not riot in last summer. If you want to be champion for working class parents then we need to ensure that there are sufficient supports in the community.

Where they may not be able to afford the same access to services or resources that middle class parents are able to, a champion for the poor would advocate for effective services and resources in working class areas. Surestart was a good example of providing this. Adequate parenting courses for those who feel they need it, or are mandated to attend by statutory services. Adequate relationship support for those who need it. Adequate advice centres and health services. Most parents who attend a good parenting course sing the praises of them and see the folly in smacking once they have learnt new skills and techniques. This would be an advocate for the working class parent.

So when Mr Lammy goes on about this, and he speaks for many in his party and the Tory party, he is speaking from an ideological viewpoint and not an evidence based one. I believe that all children should feel worthy of love and belonging and that parents should be supported to achieve this where there is the need. Children who do feel and sense of love and belonging are more likely to act as My Lammy wishes than children who are smacked which only undermines the sense of worthiness of love and belonging. He has undermined and not championed the working class in his views.

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