1 Year of Praise for Nick Clegg: His strengths and achievements in 1 year of being Deputy PM

Following on from the post 1 Year of Praise for the Lib Dems: Strengths of the Lib Dems in 1 year of being in Coalition we now look at the strengths of Nick Clegg according to the mainstream media of the past year. Nick Clegg has had the biggest change in perception from the election campaign to today and much has been written about him – mostly negative. Yet there has been a surprisingly large amount of positive praise for Mr Clegg too backing up Stephen Tall’s idea that Nick Clegg is not an unpopular politician but a divisive one.

Again I have split these up into the themes that have come out: leadership, competence, principled and standing his ground. These strengths are a good base for him to build on and improve his standing in the perception of the public.


The Daily Telegraph believe that David Cameron can learn from Nick Clegg about leadership and that Clegg must get credit for delivering for the party and doing what was politically painful (see here).

The Daily Mail praise Clegg’s leadership for the formation of the Coalition and for supporting the Government’s economic policy (see here).

The Guardian writes Nick Clegg is making a real difference saying he has responded decisively to the party’s democratic will by standing against parts of the NHS reforms (see here)

The Observer highlights that Nick Clegg’s personal poll ratings for decisiveness and resilience have gone up and people continue to place him in the centre of the political spectrum, the location where most voters put themselves.


The Independent praise Nick Clegg’s simple and direct language in his speech at Conference concluding ‘Clegg knows what he is doing – quite unusual for a leader of a party’ (see here).

The Daily Telegraph believe that Clegg is an honourable and strong politician, who has acquitted himself with shrewd judgment and considerable courage (see here).

The Guardian praise Nick Clegg’s speech on libel laws as a thoroughly good thing, important in timing and content and say that the Liberal Democrat part of the coalition is effective (see here).

The Daily Telegraph believe Mr Clegg is transforming from a politician of opposition to a politician of government and believe that voters will reward him in 2015 (see here)

The Guardian has praise for Nick Clegg’s speech for ‘its successful intellectual and trade exchange’, saying he was convincing and asking harder questions than before (see here)

The Daily Telegraph interviews Lord Tebbit today who believes Nick Clegg has pushed his agenda hard and is more politically motivated than Cameron (see here).


The Independent praise Nick Clegg for being more daring than Labour to narrow inequality and improve social mobility and more robust on bankers’ bonuses than Cameron/Osborne (see here)

The Guardian praise Nick Clegg for his consistency on the freedom bill and saw it as a product of optimistic liberalism (see here).

The Independent praises Clegg as a committed public figure who at times has fought assiduously behind the scenes for fairer policies which are braver and more progressive than those attempted half-heartedly by the previous Labour government. They see his objectives for improving social mobility as almost revolutionary. They say he is a radical constitutional reformer who is incomparably more progressive about crime, prison reform and banks than Labour was in government (see here).

Standing his ground

The Independent praise him for genuinely making Tory policies better (see here).

The Guardian identifies that Clegg is starting to stand up to Cameron (see here).

The Daily Telegraph worries about the influence Nick Clegg has on the government suggesting ‘while Mr Clegg looks like a loser in public, he is actually winning the policy debate: in the most fundamental areas of his programme, Mr Cameron shows every sign of surrendering to the Lib Dems’ (see here).

See Friday for the strengths the mainstream media see in Lib Dem Ministers.

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