Assumptions of Solution Focused Politics

Whether you consider yourself a Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat or another party voter, everyone will have made assumptions about the world and how it works; whether these are conscious or not.  Equally, a solution-focused approach to politics also makes some assumptions, which can be tested indirectly through the approach. These are based on the long standing solution-focused research of the approach with individuals, which is relevant to politics in effecting change, as politics is also about people.

  • Problems are part of life (overcoming them is what makes us human)
  • Change is inevitable, problems do not happen all the time
  • Solution language is different from problem language. Problems are embedded in language. Change may involve deconstructing the language around the problem
  • A solution is not necessarily related to the problem. We do not necessarily have to understand the problem before we solve it
  • Problems take place in the interaction between the person and their social environment. Problems are not ‘inside’ someone
  • People find creative ways to solve problems
  • People do not always learn from times when they use ‘solutions’
  • People engage more with an approach that builds on their strengths than with one that highlights their deficiencies
  • They are more likely to implement customised strategies than formulaic ‘one size fits all’ solutions
  • It is more effective to build on ‘what works’, than to get someone to do something for the first time
  • Small steps forward tend to be more helpful than big plans
  • The future is both created and negotiable
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2 Responses to Assumptions of Solution Focused Politics

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  2. Jail Nation says:

    Creative problem solving is about finding the solutions that might normally get missed. Why are they overlooked? Often it is because we are trapped into a certain approach by the assumptions we are making. When we challenge these “hidden” assumptions, we find that there are many creative solutions that never occurred to us before.

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